Insurance fraud investigator jobs

Insurance fraud is as old as the insurance industry. Honest claims made against insurance policies can be a welcome lifeline for people who have endured all manner of hardship - damage to property, theft, car accidents, personal injuries, and many more legitimate reasons. But fraud is a severe headache, adding to premiums generally. This is why insurance fraud investigator jobs are always in demand.

Types of insurance fraud investigator employment

Insurance fraud investigator jobs are advertised in a wide variety of outlets. There are many different examples of fraud out there, so companies are continually recruiting staff who will be tasked with investigating and verifying claims.

Life insurance

Perhaps the most extreme case of abusing the insurance system, life cases may involve people who have faked death. This can overlap with identity fraud, where scammers will use the personal details of the deceased to fabicate claims.

In all these instances, the investigator will require to display tenacity and integrity. These case can be complex, requiring liaison with police fraud squad officers.

Health insurance

Unscrupulous individuals will think nothing of fiddling bills in private insurance cases. A common tactic is to upgrade - claiming for more expensive treatments than were required.

Car insurance

The UK's Insurance Fraud Bureau estimate there were over 20,000 faked car collisions resulting in falsified claims between 1999 and 2006. Claims for whiplash injury have sometimes netted upwards of £30,000 against policies.

This is obviously a common area for claims investigators to get involved. Not every accident is clear cut, so you will eventually be required to spot legitimate claims as opposed to criminal activities.

Insurance investigation is big business. There are many websites where you can begin searching for these jobs, such as reed.co.uk, hays.co.uk and michaelpage.co.uk.

Tips for applying for insurance fraud investigator jobs

When hunting the vacancy lists for insurance fraud investigator jobs, you should bear a few things in mind should you get called to interview. Your CV should stress all the appropriate experience you have. List previous financial roles, and give examples of posts relevant to the fraud investigation service you are interested in. Stress competencies such as honesty, thoroughness and a team work ethos.

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