Insurance for Disabled Drivers

For those looking into trying to find insurance for disabled drivers, you may already know how frustrating it can be. Perhaps you have come across companies that have blatantly denied you of a quote, or perhaps they said they would not be able to insure due to the need to modify the car. Whatever the reason, do not become disheartened. There are insurance companies out there.

How to find the right Insurance Company

It is common that insurance for disabled drivers quote a higher premuim than those without disabilities. When searching for insurance, the Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) need to know of any medical conditions such as epilepsy or strokes, or physical disabilities, that the driver may have. They must also notify the DVLA if there are changes in their condition since receiving the license, that is if they are reapplying.

What to do?

Most of the insurance companies have issues when there needs to be modifications made to the car. Commonly boy racers are the ones modifying their cars. Obviously though, the disabled people would be requiring a very different type of modifcation, such as wheelchair ramps rather than alloy wheels.

The difficulty in finding reasonable insurance still is difficult, but it improved since the Disability Discrimination Act in 2005 came about. Now one of the aspects of the act is that insurance companies cannot deny them insurance on grounds of disability.

The motability scheme also allows those that are disabled to use their mobility allowance towards a new car or a powered scooter or wheelchair.

Here are situations though where the disabled driver might be more difficult to get a quote from companies.

1. Becoming disabled after the age of 65.

2. Wanting a 2nd hand car or3. Not meeting a certain criteria.

When searching different insurance policies consider specialist disabled insurers. Here are a few questions to ask them when inquiring.

1. If an accident does occur, would there be an adapted replacement car that can be used.

2. Can you (the driver) protect a no-claims bonus.

3. Make sure that everything is covered.

4. there an adapted replacement car if an accident occur

5. Can personal carers be covered.

Many companies offer discounts for blue badge holders as well. Here are a few insurance companies to start looking into.

  • Enroute
  • Churchill Insurance
  • Fish Insurance

Ask Around

If you feel that you have been discriminated against or have any questions in regards to your rights, contact:

Mobilise (formerly the Disabled Drivers' Association): 01508 489449


Disabled Motorists Federation: 0191 4163172

Possible to find insurance for disabled drivers, so continue taking the time to compare and research each of the companies. Another helpful idea would be to get advice from people that might be in a similar situation and see what they recommend.

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