Insurance cover for breast pump under the Affordable Care Act

Depending on the type of coverage, health insurance may cover breast pump cost and paraphernalia. In the US, breast pumps and other supplies are now part of the coverage of insurance companies. The Obama Care ensures that nursing is going to be easy for every mother in terms of cost by providing breastfeeding pumps without an out of pocket expense.

The specifics

The Obama Care as it is popularly called or the Affordable Care Act has provided women in America with various types of benefits. This means that health insurance cover should also include breast pump costs. In addition, there are other things covered by the insurance such as sterilisers, bottles, breast shields, caps, containers and other paraphernalia. Even birth control pills are part of health insurance cover.

Under the Act, which took effect January 1 this year, insurance companies are obliged to cover the full cost of breast pumps and related gadgets at no extra cost to the policyholder. This means that there is no deductible or out of pocket expense cost on the part of new mothers.

  • Disadvantage

The only catch to this provision is that there are only certain breast pump models covered by the insurance and thus, have to be ordered from a licensed or approved supplier.

  • Implication on premiums

Costs of premiums rose in part due to the ACA by double digits. Hence, policyholders are going to pay higher premiums for the extra benefits from their health insurance provider.

  • Extra provisions

Under the ACA, there are other guidelines that can benefit adult women including annual visits, screening for gestational diabetes, HPV testing, breastfeeding and lactation support and so on.

Other benefits

Insurance cover for breast pump machine and paraphernalia is part of health insurance and therefore will be paid by the provider giving new moms and mothers a chance to breastfeed their babies without worrying about expensive kits. Renting can be an option, too. Insurance providers can also offer counselling services for pregnant and lactating mothers.

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