Insurance companies ratings for 2014

A truism of insurance firms is that you don't know how good yours is until you make a claim. You can be living with a false sense of security if your insurer turns out to be impossible when you need them. Thankfully, customer satisfaction reviews have taken place that put insurance companies into ratings for 2014.

Car insurers

Each type of insurance calls for different types of insurance firms so what's great about one insurer won't necessarily be a plus when you use them for another form of insurance. Car insurance is a case in point. You might have an insurer who offers great customer service and incredible deals, both of which would be brilliant for home content insurance or something similar, but you also have to contend with approved insurer repair firms and the pay-out time is also critical because a slow payment could keep you off the road. The place to check out is probably a specialist motoring website like autoexpress.co.uk who maintain a yearly register of car insurance companies ratings for 2014.

Life insurance

A website like money.msn.com will give you a rundown of the top life insurance firms for the year, but don't rely on an insurance firm's rating as a guarantee of quality because you won't be around to complain if there's a problem when the time comes for you to be paid out.

Other insurance

For other forms of insurance, you should check out reviewcentre.com. They list companies in order using customer reviews. If you'd like a second opinion, visit which.co.uk.

Final word

The internet is full of comparison sites that conduct annual reviews of companies so there are lots of insurance companies ratings for 2014. Be careful to only use a list created by a reputable source who are independent of the firms they're reviewing and you should be able to find a reputable firm who are worth using.

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