Common insurance claim delay tactics

We all have been there. When it comes to insurance premiums, we pay them on time for fear of being caught unprepared. However, when we file a claim, we often don’t see our money as quickly as we would like to. Companies put on hold an insurance claim with various delay tactics. It is not only annoying, but does not let us get on with our lives.

How to avoid the long wait

  • Pay attention to written and recorded statements

Although you do not always have a sharp mind when you file a claim especially when you are seeking third-party damages or have been involved in an accident, make sure that your stories are corroborated properly. Tell your adjuster what the facts are. Don’t let them browbeat you or wear you down when they apply insurance claim delay tactics.

  • Be careful of timings

For example, a whiplash injury will not show up immediately. See a doctor immediately to prove that you have sought medical assistance. Any physician can attest that whiplash injuries do not necessarily show up after a day or two.

  • Hire loss assessors and be wary of loss adjusters

It’s true that you just want everything done and over with. Your insurance company will hire a loss adjuster for claims in excess of £1000. Bear in mind that a loss adjuster works for the insurance company and will do all it takes to pay you the minimum amount or even deny your claim. Hence, it is vital to keep an eye on things you report. Don’t let investigative process delay your claims further and even hire your own assessor.

  • Submit required documentation on time

Another tactic used to further delay claims is to ask for a number of papers to support complaints. While this is a tedious process, submitting all required papers will not hurt your position. If you are missing some documents, ask for alternative papers such as certified copies or anything similar.

Stay on track

Hence, if you are filing an insurance claim, make sure delay tactics are not putting you off. While it’s true insurance companies are protecting their vested interests, you have yours as well. Be persistent in following claims for a happy customer can spread the word around to a few people, but a disgruntled client will make sure the whole world knows.

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