Does insurance change depending on car crash ratings from Euro NCAP?

Car insurance and car crash ratings given by Euro NCAP are totally separate and neither affects the other. Euro NCAP ratings are about safety for the vehicle's driver and passenger, and any pedestrians involved in the accident. Car insurance is more concerned with the vehicle. To understand why, we'll break down how car insurance firms determine the policy amount.

Insurance and the driver

Although car insurance is about the car, the policy is determined using factors that also include the driver or drivers of the car. As most drivers are painfully aware, the cost of car insurance is incredibly high for young drivers. That's because experience behind the wheel is an important factor. Other factors that insurance firms used to produce a quote include any endorsements on the driver's licence, whether the car will be used for social and commuting or for work purposes and your occupation.

Insurance and the car

Where the car is parked at night, how many miles it's used for and any modifications made to the original spec are considered. The price of the car and the availability of parts for it should it need to be repaired. Other factors include the area in which you live and if you’ve had any gaps in your insurance cover.

Insurance groups

Insurance firms put cars into insurance groups, like the car crash ratings groups. These groups are a simple way for insurance firms to determine a base cost for covering the car.


The test is carried out on every car released in Europe. There is a minimum rating that new cars must achieve but most manufacturers pride themselves on exceeding this. It’s often used in part of a car maker’s marketing campaign as it’s become a factor car owners consider when they purchase a new car.

Final word

Although your insurance ignores the car crash ratings from Euro NCAP, safety is one of the most important factors for most drivers. If that’s not the case for you, use some of the time you were going to spend looking for a great deal on car insurance to understand the process at the official website euroncap.com/testprocedures.

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