Hughes insurance review

Hughes is an insurer that provides insurance for cars, vans, motorcycles, homes and commercial vehicles in Northern Ireland. It has recently teamed up with Liberty Insurance If you are thinking of changing providers, take a look at the Hughes insurance review. Find out whether the company is a good fit for your needs by hearing what customers are saying.


Read the Hughes insurance review below to see what people are saying.


  • Competitive price

Hughes' biggest advantage is it is always trying to beat or match the prices of the competitor. Hence, you are nearly sure that you get a fair quote on your premiums. Hughes' will also pay you £50 if they can't beat your present insurer's renewal price. Nonetheless, if unsure, do a price comparison to get the best prices.

  • Great service

Customers are quite happy with the service they get from Hughes. Staff is fast and prompt in answering queries and attending to complaints.

  • Diverse products

Hughes sells different types of insurance such that you can go to one place to buy all your insurance needs from motor to home.


  • Inconvenient location

Some locations of the company are not very convenient for certain customers in spite of the fact that Hughes has 112 branches all over the country. It is also possible to do everything online.

  • Poor service

There are also customers who are not happy with the service they got from the company with some saying that their questions were not answered. Others say that making a claim had not been easy and there were clients whose claims were denied.

Changing providers

If you are at the point of choosing an insurance company, make sure to take a look at the Hughes insurance review. Hughes Company has its fair share of advantages which you might find beneficial and adequate for your needs. It might be the provider you are looking for. If unconvinced, compare companies before you finally decide.

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