How to get out of your car insurance contract

You may not be aware that there's a cooling off period of 14 days during which you can cancel your contract and only pay a nominal admin fee and a small amount for the period of cover you receive. If you still want to know how to get out of car insurance contract, read on.

Cooling off period

If you're outside of the 14 day cooling off period, you should refer to your policy's terms and conditions to find out how to get out of car insurance contract. Failing that, you'll have to speak to your insurer directly.

Refund and admin fee

Insurers tend to offer refunds on the remainder of a policy if you have not made any claims during the term of the insurance cover. An admin fee is normally taken away from the refund amount so if you're cancelling because you've found a better deal, you're normally better off waiting until your renewal date before going with another insurer.

Cancelling payments

If you've agreed to pay in instalments through direct debit, cancelling your monthly payment won't cancel your insurance. Your premium will still need to be paid, so contact your insurer if you want out of your contract.

Automatic renewal

This is something to be aware of as most insurers renew your policy automatically when it lapses. Although it keeps your car covered, you don't often get the best deal if you let it automatically renew.

Insurer cancels your policy

It is possible that your insurer could cancel your policy without your asking, but it's highly unlikely. The chances of them cancelling when you want them to are extremely low because they'll only stop the contract if you've not been keeping to the terms.


If you're asking how to get out of your car insurance contract because you're dissatisfied with your insurer, you should consider taking advice on the complaint you have before trying to make a point by leaving them during the contract. Other than that, your best course of action is to allow the policy term to lapse and then go with another insurer.

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