How to Cut the Cost of Car Insurance

We all need to have car insurance whether we want to have it or not, but the cost can put quite a dent in the wallet. There are a few tips though on how to cut the cost of car insurance and make this necessary cost a little less painful.

Ways to Reduce Price

If you're wondering how to cut the cost of car insurance, first and foremost, shop around and compare different companies. This can be done online through comparison sights such as This is Money Obviously. They compare over 130 insures for you. Once you have their prices, call around and bargaineither with your current insurers or any that you are interested in.

Safety is key and can help bring down the cost. Talk with the potential insurers and see which car alarms they approve. Also by keeping your car in a garage rather than on the streets can cut your premium by 5-10%.

Make sure to pay in one annual lump. By paying weekly, monthly, or quarterly by direct deposity you will end up paying more than what it would cost for the one annual payment.

Known as many things such as Black boxes, Pay as you Drive, or Telematics, this is an ideal option for young drivers or those that do not drive much. There is a GPS that the insurers will use to monitor such things as speed, covered miles, time of day you drive, type of roads that are driven on, how you break, and how you handle corners.

Another option for those that do not drive much is Insure the Box has you pay for either 6,000 or 8,000 miles per year. You can earn extra miles by driving safely or purchasing extra miles. (6,000 or 8,000 miles and earn extra miles if you drive safely or by purchasing them online

iKube is another great option for younger drivers. They can drive all day except the hours from 11p.m-5 a.m. If they drive during this period they will end up paying extra.

Ask Around

The best way to find the insurer for you is to write down you needs. Figure out who needs to be on the insurance, how and when it will be used, how age the car is, and any other questions you may have. Once that is figured out, shop around by calling insurance companies, searching online, and asking friends and relatives that are in similar situations, who they are with and who they like them and any tips they may have on how to cut the cost of car insurance. For more information check out this info about breakdown covers in the UK.

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