How to claim for disability insurance benefits

In the UK, there are several ways to receive financial support whether you are handicapped, ill or simply out of work. If you are disabled or unable to work for a living, you might want to consider applying for a DLA or disability living allowance. Below is a guide how to claim for disability insurance benefits which you or someone you know might be entitled to.


If you are disabled you can qualify for the DLA. However, due to possible overpayments and bogus claims, the government introduced the Personal Independence Payment or PIP. DLA was replaced from 10 June 2013 with PIP for anyone who wishes to make a new claim or for those who are not receiving the DLA. Current DLA beneficiaries will also be gradually introduced to the PIP over the years.

  • Who can qualify

Anyone residing in the UK age 16 to 64 can qualify to receive the PIP for a long term disability. The minimum residency requirement is 3 years and you must have lived in the UK for the last 2 years.

  • How to claim for disability insurance benefits

1. Call the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) at these numbers Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm:

Tel: 0800 917 2222

Textphone: 0800 917 7777

2. Answer basic questions asked by DWP staff. Make sure the following information is on hand.

  • National Insurance Number
  • Birth date
  • Physical address including postcode
  • Telephone number (daytime)
  • Citizenship
  • Info on time spent away from the UK in the last 3 years
  • Info on time in hospital or care facilities now or in the past
  • Details of general practitioner or health professional
  • Details of bank or building society

Note if you don’t have all the details during the first phone call, you will have a month to comply with all the info requirements.

3. If you are qualified on this basis, the DWP will send you PIP2 or the ‘How your disability affects you’ form. Complete the required information along with the supporting documents.

4. At this stage, the DWP contacts a health professional who will assess your situation. There might be further documentation needed and often, you will have to talk face to face with the health professional.

5. Once this is done, the health professional will write and submit a report about your situation to the DWP.

6. The DWP will review your case based on the health professional’s assessment. It will then decide if you qualify for PIP and at what rate.

7. Their decision will be in a written letter that will be sent to you. If you disagree with the decision, you can ask for reconsideration. If this fails, you are also entitled to file for an appeal.


Knowing how to claim for disability insurance benefits properly ensures that you are on the right path. Also, it will speed up your claim if you have the right documents and will ensure that delays are minimal. Note that those who are terminally ill are governed by different rules. But, they should still call the DWP to kick start the process.

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