Top Home Insurance Deals for Over 50s

Usually, for most over 50s, home insurance can be cheaper than first-time home owners or even single couples. Insurance companies, especially in the case of contents or car insurance, see over 50s are more reliable and a safer customer so offer lower premiums. However, to find the best home insurance deals for over 50s, you'll still need to do a little shopping around.

Top Home Insurance Quick Quotes

Although we've provided a list of quick quotes, you'll need to check each site and provide your information to find the best home insurance deals for over 50s. Although you're more likely to receive a lower premium due to your age, and if you go to a provider that specifically provides over 50s cover, certain circumstances may affect your quote.

For example, the type of area you live in can affect how high your premiums are - as well as the security of your home, the value of the items you need to insure (if you are looking for contents insurance) and the type of insurance you need.

To get you start, the following providers offer the best quick quote rates for over 50s home insurance:

DirectLine: 40% off home insurance when you buy online and up to £50,000 of contents insurance with £200 excess. However, this 40% offer is only available for first time customers and ends on September 2013.

Legal and General:Up to £800,000 buildings insurance, 12% online discount and 20% no claims discount each year. Buildings excess £100, but there is no contents insurance provided on this deal.

Aviva: Up to £1m buildings insurance, £150,000 content insurance and 20% discount online for new customers. Excess starts from £200 for building and content insurance.

John Lewis Insurance: Unlimited building insurance, unlimited content insurance and 15% online discount with 25% no claims bonus. Excess start from £100 for both contents insurance and buildings insurance.

Existing Customer

If you can't find the best home insurance deals for over 50s with online providers, try asking your bank, building society or an organisation you've been a member or for many if they provide home insurance (for example, Tescos provides home insurance to its Clubcard members). Being an existing customer with a history may help you gain a better deal.

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