How to avail of home insurance cashback

Home insurance represents a significant expense for households and getting a part of that money back whether in cash or as rebates always gives a good feeling. Let us take a look at some of the places where you can obtain home insurance cashback. We also explore ways to put money back into your coffers.


Getting home insurance cashback is like receiving a discount, bonus, or buying stuff on sale. When you go to websites that propose cashback, haggle for the best price. Look online (comparison and shopping sites) and offline (flyers) to see if there are no valuable promotional codes that can give significant savings sometimes up to £120. It is also important to:

  • Define insurance cover

The first step is to define an adequate cover. You don’t want to make yourself vulnerable when the unexpected happens and you have inadequate insurance cover. Hence, make sure you have a good insurance plan for your building and its contents (interior and exterior) which is not inflated nor undervalued. In addition, inform insurers if you made claims in the past or if living in a high risk or calamity prone area so as not to invalidate future insurance claims.

  • Improve security

Make sure the message you send out is that you are a low risk policyholder. To make yourself attractive, increase security at home. Getting a proper alarm installed or changing door locks can significantly lower your premiums.

  • Pay annually

Bear in mind that monthly payments often end up more expensive than paying the full amount of the insurance. If you can afford it, try to pay the entire amount or use a credit card with a lower APR. Look for special deals from insurance promoters that allow monthly payments with no charges.

  • Websites

With these pointers in mind, some of the sites where you can grab home insurance cashback are the following:

* Home Insurance Cashback (topcashback.co.uk)

* Quidco (quidco.com)

* Halifax (Halifax.co.uk)

* Swinton (swinton.co.uk)

* Lloyds TSB (lloydstsb.com)

Also, check special deals on:

* Aviva – 20% discounts on new customers with no claims for 5 years on existing policy

* AA - £25 each for building and contents if current provider charges for switching

* Nationwide – 40% off combined buildings and contents policy bought online

Important tips

When grabbing a home insurance cashback, make sure you are not lured into purchasing a plan because of the bonus alone. Note that cashback links on sites are from retailers and even financial providers. You get paid from profits if you buy the product earning you a slice of the revenue. Read the fine print of the cashback terms carefully and use the rebate or cheque once it is available.

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