Do you need home insurance accidental damage?

Home insurance accidental damage could be another household expense to meet each month but it's a cover that a home owner would really appreciate if some expensive item like a new HD TV is broken. Although it doesn't cover all forms of damage this could be an insurance policy you'll come to love, especially if you've got small children in your home.

What's covered

Most insurers will cover all of your household items and offer a like for like replacement if they get damaged. This form of insurance also covers damage to your property so if you fall through the ceiling when you're in the loft, the cost of repairs will be met by the insurer. If the insurer believes that your accident was the result of bad workmanship though, you're not covered.

What's not covered

Damage by pets isn't often covered by most insurers, perhaps because of the unpredictable nature of most animals. Items degraded by normal wear and tear won't be replaced by this type of policy.

False claims

Home insurance accidental damage cover is a form of insurance that's often abused by homeowners so your insurer will be on the lookout for false claims. Honesty really is the best policy here because if you do get caught out, you may find it difficult to get this form of insurance from other providers.


You're not going to be asked for a lot of money for this type of cover but of course the actual amount differs depending on the value of the content and the amount of people in your household. Typically, you'll be asked to pay anything from £20 to £100 so it won't break the bank.

Final word

Home insurance accidental damage cover is another household expense but it will help you manage your money because you won't be faced with a massive bill when something's broken accidently. If you've got small children in the house, this is a no brainer. If not but you've got expensive equipment, why not cover yourself?

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