Healthy Pets Insurance UK can insure your cat or dog

Healthy Pets Insurance UK was set up in 1996 and is an independent provider of pet insurance for your cat and dog. They only offer policies that cover on-going conditions until you reach the limit of your policy providing payments are up to date, and you renew your policy. With three levels of cover, you are sure to get a policy to suit your needs.

Each policy provides different levels of cover. You can have Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of cover. The Bronze Policy provides up to £1,000 of vet’s fees and covers for on-going conditions. The Silver Policy provides up to £4,000 worth of vet’s fees, and with the Gold Policy you get up to £7,500.

All policies provide £1 million third-party liability and legal expenses cover for dogs. If your dog dies before it is 9 years old, or your cat dies before it is 11 years old, then you can get between £500 and £1,000 as a death benefit with Silver and Gold policies respectively.

With the enhanced protection provided by Silver and Gold policies, you can get added benefits. You can get assistance with advertising and offering a reward for lost pets, boarding fees and holiday cancellation. If your pet is stolen or it strays, and you do not get it back, then you can get up to £1,000.

Your policy is fully underwritten by AXA Insurance UK PLC. The company has won a number of awards for their customer care and business provision in the pet insurance market. These accolades ensure that you, and your pet, are given the highest standard of care for the duration of your policy.

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