Health Insurance Won't Cover As More Women Look to Cosmetic Surgery

Health insurance rarely covers the costs of going under the knife by choice. But with more women than ever opting to do so anyway, it's a wonder why more money hungry insurers aren't getting on the bandwagon and realising how lucrative a market it is.

In a new study conducted by Aviva UK Health, it was discovered that nine out of ten women try to lead healthier lifestyles in order to look better aesthetically, and don't really worry about other health issues unless it's going to improve their appearance.

More than half of the women interviewed, as reported in Aviva's 'My Health Counts', know their weight rather than their blood pressure. Other revelations from the study include, six in ten keep fit only to look good. It was also reported that women quit smoking due to stained teeth and wrinkles rather than the ill effect it had on their lungs. The study also found that 50% preferred to be slim rather than have lower cholesterol or blood pressure.

So with all this emphasis on image, what are the latest procedures women are lining up for? The new fad in face-lifts is said to also cure migraines in up to 90% of patients treated. Instead of the old Botox 'stretched' look, it seems 'plumped' is the new black, as patients turn to dermal filling to get a smoother-than-a-baby's bottom effect.

The procedure is carried out by removing a small section of the supercilli muscle in the forehead which is used for frowning. The gap created is then filled with some of the patients own fat. It is said that releasing some of this muscular tension in the face can decrease the severity of migraines. Almost all of those asked after one year have reported the disappearance of migraines all together.

The next trend is for the tootsie-conscious. Women are also asking for foot face-lifts to rejuvenate their sandal worn soles. Or anyone for a toe tuck? Even hotter than the latest celebrity diet, toes are no longer associated with our four-legged, hump-backed friends from Egypt, but the new term being heard around town is toe cleavage!

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