Health Insurance for Pregnant Women

Perhaps you are not pregnant but you thinking about it. Now is the perfect time to start looking into health insurance for pregnant women. It may be extremely expensive or impossible to get the insurance company to cover you once you are pregnant, so plan ahead and find insurance that will cover you when/if you do decide to become pregnant.

Private or NHS

It can cost anywhere between £7,000-£10,000 to have a baby, depending on what type of delivery it is making having health insurance for pregnant women essential. When looking for insurance, there are two options, the private and public health insurance. Here is a look at the pros and cons of both options

Private Health Insurance


  • Patient can choose consultant and hospital
  • Hospital is more modern, spacious, with more privacy.
  • Higher staff/patient ratio, therefore receive more attention and a consistant care team.
  • Offers 3D and 4D scans


  • Not as many private hospitals therefore the patient may have to travel further for appointments
  • Much more expensive. The price will depend on how comprehensive the package is. A complete package would be at least £5,000 which would include maternity and post-natal care, tests, and scans

Public (NHS)


  • It's Free! Free comprehensive antenatal and postnatal care is available to all UK citizens.
  • Covers routine ultrasounds and scans, antenatal classes, maternity care and follow ups


  • Cannot choose midwife or consultant
  • Won't have consistant staff throughout pregnancy
  • Most likely placed in a ward with no or little privacy


Combining the two is another option. You could opt to have scans and checkups done privately and then have the antenatal care at a public hospital.

Make it fit your needs

There are a few options for health insurance for pregnant women. But deciding which is the best route to go will depend on your situation. Write out a list of what your needs are for your pregnancy and what would make you feel most comfortable. Compare that to what you can do financially and go from there. If having consistant staff in a timely fashion is a must, then perhaps private insurance is the best route. On the other hand if you don't mind meeting different staff every time you visit and don't mind waiting around a bit more, than maybe the NHS is a better option.

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