Which Irish health insurance companies are best?

Health Insurance constantly seems to be creeping up in Ireland with all three of the big providers (Aviva, Quinn, VHI) edging up their premium prices in recent months. It's tough to compare exactly what each company offers as their policies differ just enough so that comparison proves tough. If you want to see which Irish health insurance company is best, then let's try and compare their products.

Simply put, the cheapest product currently on the market is Quinn Direct's Essential Starter which is on the market for a low price of 28.33 Euro. This policy doesn't afford too much cover though, as the only thing you'll be covered for is a semi-private room in a public hospital. The comparable products offered by VHI costs 47.33 Euro, while Hibernian Aviva charges 39.75.

If you're looking for the first proper level of cover, then we need to go up a couple of levels, and start looking at some of the mid-range level of products offered by the three insurers. Quinn's "Essential Plus Starter" retails for 42.83 Euro per month, and this policy gets you up to a private room in a private hospital. The comparable policies from VHI (First Plan Select) cost 54.66, and from Hibernian Aviva (Me Level 2) it costs 56.42.

You've probably noticed the term "Semi private room" mentioned, but what exactly does it entail? A semi private room can accommodate up to five people, so you could be sharing with four others during your hospital stay.

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