Your choice of health insurance companies in Ireland

Making sure your family are protected in the event of any unplanned sickness or injury is absolutely vital to your peace of mind, so it's important that you get the best private healthcare for your money. With this in mind, in this blog we'll be taking a look at the best health insurance companies in Ireland.

In our view, the best deals are currently offered by Quinn Healthcare, so lets see what they can do for you. The standard Quinn Healthcare package "Quinn Essential", costs 50 Euro per month, and for this you get a package that is unrivalled by either Bupa or the VHI on the Irish insurance market.

Some of the perks you will enjoy are Access to public hospitals, Maternity Cover, Convalescence cover, Emergency health cover while you are abroad on holidays, 24 hours a day Nurseline, Cardiac Cover, Cancer Car Support, Child Healthcare benefits, Consultant Connections, and your choice of private hospitals when a choice exists.

So how will this affect your everyday health costs? Well, under this policy you are covered for 50 Euro per year for GP Health checks, 20 Euro per Hospital Accident and Emergency visit, 20 Euro per Physiotherapist visit, and 20 Euro per visit to your GP. So, as you can see, you rack up some nifty savings on your everyday medical costs!

You can check out the full range of Quinn products at http://www.quinn-healthcare.com, so check them out today and see if their cover is right for you!

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