Health Insurance

However, the National Health System is always limited in cost and scope due to the fact that health care is expensive and sacrifices must be made in order to ensure everyone receives health care at little to no out-of-pocket expense. As such, many procedures require a considerable wait, and often patients get the minimum care necessary to get them back on their feet.

There is an alternative, as a vibrant private health care industry exists in the UK. Paid for by health insurance companies, these hospitals boast the latest technology and highest level of care, couched in the best luxury that insurance can offer. Because they need to compete with the free health care offered by the National Health, most private health care services make an effort to pamper their guests, offering luxury meals and relaxing surroundings in addition to the best doctors and nurses that money can buy.

As such, many people who wish to have a superior hospital experience or who want to improve the quality of their care, purchase health insurance. Such insurance is expensive, and it is not necessarily comprehensive, meaning a policy holder may fall back on national health in some conditions. However, those who can afford private insurance are able to purchase a very high level of care for themselves.

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