Protect Yourself with Halifax Insurances

Halifax offers various insurances for your home, car and pets to name just a few. Information on all of the Halifax insurances are available online at the Halifax insurance website, where you can get quotes, review the key policy features, and even store your quotes for a later date.

Home Insurance

Get up to £400,000 worth of cover to rebuild your home under the Halifax basic home options building insurance plan -- or select up to £1,000,000 of cover by purchasing additional insurance. The cost for architects and surveyors are covered, as are accidental breakages of appliances and fixtures. Get up to £80,000 towards alternative accommodations if your house in uninhabitable for any period of time. Receive up to £50,000 of cover for your possessions, with new for old replacement and the ability to cover single high price items up to £7,500.

Car Insurance

Halifax car insurances provide a brand new quote each year upon renewal so you can be sure you're getting the best possible deal. 60 days cover is provided anywhere in the European Union so you don't have to worry about arranging additional protection for holidays. Halifax provides a 24 hour helpline for windscreens and emergencies, and a courtesy car if yours is at the garage. Even better, the repairs are guaranteed for three years under the plan.

Pet Insurance

Get continuous cover for new illnesses and injuries, and peace of mind for unexpected fees. Halifax pet insurances pay up to £1,000 for advertising if your pet gets lost, and an additional £1,000 for kenneling or cattery fees. You're also covered if your holiday gets cancelled or curtailed because your pet needs life-saving surgery.


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