We take a look at Halifax dog insurance; could it be the answer for your pet?

As one of the biggest names in the UK financial market, it's certainly no surprise that Halifax seem to have a coverage scheme for just about anything - including your pets. With the price of animal medical bills increasing all the time, perhaps it's time you gave the idea of a pet insurance policy some serious thought. After all, how would you manage if you needed to fork over some serious money should your dog fall ill, or be involved in a traffic accident?

With two coverage options available, Halifax Pet Insurance and Halifax Pet Insurance eXtra, Halifax should have something for all budgets. Each of the policies cover the owner for up to £1,000,000 third party liability for dogs with a £100 excess, up to £200 for behavioural problem correction and offer up to £100 for burial or cremation costs.

Also common to both policies is a veterinary helpline that you can call if you are concerned about your pet's health or require immediate medical attention, bereavement counselling (which might come in handy if you have young kids at home who might struggle to deal with the loss of their favourite pet), a legal helpline for any advice you may need regarding your pets and the law, a pet minders helpline and 12 months overseas cover.

Where the two plans differ is as follows. Vet fees covered annually are up to £1,000 with the regular plan and up to £6,000 with eXtra, death from illness/accident, costs relating to advertising or reward. Boarder kennel fees and cover for theft or straying are all £500 (regular) and £1000 (eXtra), while holiday cancellation coverage is £1000 (regular) and £2000 (eXtra).

For more information on Halifax dog insurance rates and plans you can check out www.halifaxpetinsurance.co.uk.

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