Gadget insurance saves the day

Have you ever stopped to think about all the gadgets you rely on every day? Huge numbers of people carry mobile phones to work, school, supermarkets and a night on the town. Some of us would be totally lost without a BlackBerry, iPhone or camera. What would happen if your mobile phone was stolen or someone accidentally sat on your laptop? Check out the benefits of gadget insurance and how it could save the day for you.

Why Gadget Insurance?

Things change overnight and you cannot just assume that all your gadgets are probably covered on homeowners or renters insurance. Some gadgets may be and some are not. The thing about gadgets are, most of them are incredibly small and easy to misplace or lose. Mobile phones, iPods, cameras and BlackBerrys all fit into pockets and purses, but can easily fall out, get damaged or stolen. Incredibly a large number of these little gadgets are lost to toilets and washing machines every year.


What if you could cover your precious belongings under gadget insurance? There are several companies offering this type of insurance these days, and most provide cover for accidental damage, accidental loss, theft and breakdown.

Accidental damage would cover replacement or repair costs for electronic equipment as a result of accidents. Not all electronics are covered for some types of loss, but many insurers will cover accidental loss of iPhones and PDAs with a replacement. It is nice to know that many gadget insurers replace stolen electronic gadgets or just the parts if that was what was stolen. For the most part computers and laptops will not be covered for breakdown, but a large number of other electronic gadgets are covered if they breakdown after the warranty period.

Not all insurance companies offer the same policies. Always read the fine print and if in doubt ask what is or is not covered.

Buying Gadget Insurance

There are several UK insurers offering gadget insurance, which gives you a lot of choices. Visit Gadget Guardian at gadgetguardian.co.uk, Cover My Gadget at covermygadget.co.uk or Gocompare.com for gadget cover at gocompare.com/gadget-cover. Check out Moneymaximum for gadget insurance comparison shopping at moneymaxim.co.uk/compare-gadget-insurance. Discuss monthly or yearly payments with each gadget insurer to get the best cover and payments for your budget.

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