The truth about fraudulent claims

People that are submitting fraudulent claims or exaggerating injuries are costing the public money on our insurance. There were around 140,000 fraudulent claims submitted last year and we are paying the bill with increased car insurance home insurance and more. Thankfully now fraudulent claims are being stamped down on and harder punishments being handed down.

Fraudulent claims are most common in car insurance, with whiplash being the biggest culprit. It is all too common that if people are involved in a car accident (even at 5 miles per hour in some cases!), they will try to claim for whiplash. Unfortunately many of them do get away with it.

Now drivers are being forced into buying cameras for their cars so they don’t get a finger wrongly pointed at them for causing an accident. A couple of years ago a YouTube video was shared that showed a driver in slow moving traffic reversing into a car on purpose. The rule of the road states that the driver at the back would be at fault. The car in front told the other driver to go to the hard shoulder and demanded $200 or he would phone the police. Once he realised the car he reversed into had a camera he couldn’t get away fast enough.

Unfortunately YouTube and other video sharing sites have lots of videos showing the same things. It can therefore be a good idea to get a camera for your car so you aren’t on the wrong side of a fraudulent claim. Many are inexpensive to buy and run.

Some people seem to think that they are owed money if there is an accident. One way to get this money is to commit fraud. The courts are starting to stamp this out and if you make fraudulent claims or exaggerate injuries you could be fined, never get insurance again or even face a prison term.

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