Flood insurance - top insurers in the UK

Even a small amount of flood damage can cost a lot of money to fix. Because of this it is important to have a sufficient level of flood insurance if you live in an area that is susceptible to flooding. Before settling on the policy that is right for you it is advisable to shop around. The following are among the top providers of flood insurance in the UK.


Endsleigh offer specialist flood insurance. They provide homeowners with a full range of flood insurance policies in areas that are likely to flood. They cover rented properties and holiday homes. They also offer a 10% discount when buildings and contents insurance are bought together.

Sainsburys Insurance

Sainsburys provides home insurance that covers your building and contents against flood damage. They provide a number of excellent discounts and special offers. This includes a 5% discount when buying online and a 30% discount if you have been claim free for five years or more. There are also extra rewards for Nectar card holders.

Fresh Insurance Group

Fresh Insurance provides specialist flood insurance policies at competitive prices. They offer a number of excellent features. This includes a 24 hour claims service, tailored policies and cover for accidental damage to buildings and contents. They have an online system that provides instant quotes.

Home Protect

Home Protect provide specialist home insurance cover. Their service is designed to be as inclusive as possible and they provide cover regardless of your circumstances. They have a quick and easy online quote service and a UK based helpdesk for any questions you may have. They also work in line with the National Flood Forum.

Flood insurance provides essential cover if you live in an area that is likely to be affected. It provides you with peace of mind and gives you one less thing to worry about in the event of flood damage. For more information please visit the websites of the companies listed above or visit your local insurance broker.

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