Fine Art and Jewellery Insurance Brokers

Fine art and jewellery insurance through brokers will allow you to find the best deal for your business, whether you are an independant retailer, privately trade or sell internationally. Because fine art and jewellery are specialist trades, normal business insurance won't provide you with complete cover; if you're not in the business and simply own a collection of fine art or expensive jewellery, you'll also find that regular home insurance policies don't provide the best protection and may want to look for an insurance broker.

What is a broker?

Fine art and jewellery insurance brokers are specialist companies that help you find the best insurance policy for your needs. A broker is often referred to as the 'middle man' in insurance but, despite some stigma the term carries, a broker can be essential to finding specialist or very specific policies.

For businesses or private traders that deal in fine art and jewellery, the insurance policy you'll require will probably be extensive and very specific. Some specialist insurance companies won't advertise their more specific policies are blatantly as others, so you'll need expert advise to find the right policy; that's where fine art and jewellery insurance brokers come in.

Using their legal knowledge and contacts, an insurance broker can not only help you find the best policy to suit your needs but they can also help arrange the finer details of the policy, supporting you until the final stages of the deal.

Insurance Broker Companies

Just like your insurance broker will search the market for the best deal, you too should search around for the best insurance broker. You don't have to settle with the first broker you come across.

Your first call should be to try fine art and jewellery specialist insurance brokers, or those who deal specifically in jewellery, fine art or antiques, as these are the companies that will have the greatest wealth of subject knowledge and the best contacts in the industry.

Some insurance brokers for fine art and jewellery include:

- James McCrone Insurance (Jamesmccrone.co.uk)

- Primassure (Primassure.com)

- W. Denis (Wdenis.co.uk/fine_art.html)

- Blackwell Green (Gallagherheath..com)

- Macbeth Insurance Brokers (Macbeth.co.uk/private-clients/fine-art-antiques/)

FSA Registered

Whicever fine art and jewellery insurance brokers you choose to use, you should always check that the company is FSA registered. The Financial Service Authority is responsible for ensuring all companies, particularly insurers, meet a specific code of conduct; their aim is to protect the consumer and ensure they are provided with the most accurate advice and best possible service. When a company is FSA registered, not only are you assured you'll receive accurate advice but you also have a means to make complaints and bring the company to justice through the FSA should they fail to perform.

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