The European Health Insurance Card UK Travellers Need To Take With Them

Travelling to Europe for holiday pleasure or business can have its drawbacks if you should fall ill. The European Health Insurance Card UK version for British residents is essential to carry with you in case of unexpected medical emergencies. This card entitles the holder to free or reduced cost medical care while in an EEC member country. Obtaining one is a simple application form process and your new card should arrive within seven days.

All state funded medical care is normally covered but certain treatments and illnesses may not be. Individuals are advised to acquaint themselves with the conditions and scope of coverage of the card. Taking out additional medical insurance maybe necessary in some cases. The card is only for medical purposes therefore matters such as travel delays, cancellations or lost luggage etc. require travel insurance cover.

There are several options available for applying for The European Health Insurance Card UK card.

•    Apply online at www.ehic.org.uk/Internet/home.do and complete the online application form. They also have an enquiry phone number : 0845 605 0707 or if calling from abroad : +44 191 212 7500.

•    To apply by phone or obtain a form for a postal application by calling 0845 606 2030

•    A downloadable form is available from:


This NHS website has a wealth of information on conditions for applying.

You need to have British, EU, EEA or Swiss nationality and be over the age of 16 years to submit an application. For children under 16 a parent, caretaker or guardian makes an application on their behalf. Each individual member requires their own card as they are not applicable to groups or families.

Once received, checking it for accuracy is vital. If any of the data is incorrect, return it immediately with details of the errors. Inaccurate details could make the card invalid and not liable to be accepted. While obtaining the European Health Insurance Card UK card via the EHIC website is free of charge, a number of sites offer to check the accuracy of your form and charge an administration fee for their services.

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