Things to consider when looking for equine insurance to cover your horse

You can get horse or equine insurance from pet insurance companies, like Petplan.com, or from specialised equestrian insurance providers for a variety of horse-related needs.

Buying and looking after a horse is a substantial investment. Costs associated with housing, feeding, grazing, showing and riding mean that costs relating to vet bills, or dealing with theft, illness or injury (including any rehabilitation costs) could be a burden. Horse insurance can help cover fees should your horse become ill, require treatment, gets stolen or injured. Check the details of your policy for some of the following areas of cover.

Equine insurance can cover activities involving horses. For example, you can get cover for activities like gymkhanas, riding, dressage, hacking and show jumping. You can also have your horse covered when it is in foal or being used at stud. Other policies are available for hunting, racing, vaulting, driving or for working breeds.

Your equine insurance can also cover the death of your horse based on the sum insured or the horse's market value following injury, illness or disease. The policy may also cover disposal of the dead animal.

Horse theft is not that common, but it still occurs from time to time. Your horse can be insured for its market value or sum insured in case of theft. You may also get funding to help advertise lost animals or put up a reward for the safe return of your horse.

Some policies will provide cover in case your horse is unable to be used for the purpose it was purchased as a result of suffering an accident or being injured.

It is advisable to obtain public liability insurance. Public liability insurance is available to cover any damage your horse causes to other people or other people’s property. Cover is usually limited to £2 million.  You can also get insurance to cover you in case your horse hurts you.

You can also get insurance for your horse trailer, tack, saddles, and other equipment covered by your equine insurance.

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