Keep your best pal safe with dog insurance ireland

In these financially austere times, the last thing you want is for your four legged friend to get sick, and not to be able to afford the vet bills. Pet Insurance is absolutely vital, so let's take a look at where to find the cheapest dog insurance ireland.

The facts a figures back up the argument for pet insurance. Every year on average on pet in every three will require veterinary treatment for illness or accident. While even more will pick up long-term illnesses which will leave you facing a mountain of bills over time.

With pet insurance you have the peace of mind, that should your much loved pet become ill, he or she can have the treatment they require, without compromise, and without you having to worry about the cost of care. So which provider is perfect for your pooch? Which provider offers the best value for money on pet insurance?

We suggest taking a look at Allianz Insurance and their fantastic Pet Insurance range, which can be found at - http://www.allianz.ie/allianz_ie/Pet-Insurance/Cover_Info/Pet_Insurance_Cover_Options.html. This policy will keep your pet covered for veterinary bills of up to E4,000. Their policies also provide cover for life no matter how long your pet may suffer from a condition.

Allianz will discount the premium of pets that are from multiple pet owners, from pensioners and micro-chipped pets (which applies for the first year only). Their policy compares very favourably with anything else on the market, so they're well worth a look.

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