Do I need dental nurse indemnity insurance?

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There are many reasons why a dental nurse should have indemnity insurance in the UK and Ireland. With the size of typical claims against dental nurses often running into the hundreds of thousands these days, a claim against you could bankrupt you and leave your reputation in ruins.

For a small fee you can safeguard against this happening with professional indemnity insurance.

Many dental nurses will be covered by the dentist's professional indemnity insurance. It's important to ask the dentist whether or not you're covered under their policy before beginning work for them.

If you're not covered under their policy, you can usually be added to it for a small fee. All you will need to do is provide your details to the insurance company that is covering the dentist you're working for. This fee will usually be a lot smaller than taking out professional indemnity insurance in your own name.

The role of dental nurses has changed dramatically in recent years with more and more work on patients being carried out without the supervision of a dentist.

If you're the subject of a direct claim or a claim for negligence from a patient for work carried out without the supervision of a dentist, you will not be covered by their professional indemnity insurance policy. It's important to assess what type of work you'll be doing before deciding whether or not to take out dental nurse indemnity insurance.

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