Direct Line offers flexible pet insurance policies for cats and dogs

Direct Line pet insurance offers new customers 12 months cover for the price of 9. Insuring your pet is easy. You can get a quote online or call them. Like all insurance policies, there are limitations to what the insurer will and will not cover. It is important to check the summary of cover to ensure you have an understanding of what is included in your policy and what is not.

A Direct Line pet insurance policy can cover cats and dogs but excludes working dogs and any of the dangerous breeds. Like most policies, your pet should be in good health at the start of the policy. Your cat or dog needs to be aged between eight weeks and 11 years old. Some dog breeds will only be insured up to six years of age. If you are in the process of an ongoing claim, you will need to keep paying the premiums on your policy. You will need to consider the level of vet fees you want to cover, as your premiums will reflect this.

Two policies are available. The Essential Policy covers your vet bills up to 12 months for up to £4,000 for each disease, injury or illness. The Advanced Policy covers up to £6,000 of vet fees per condition. The benefit of the Advanced Policy is that there is no time limit on when you reach the fee limit.

Additional benefits included in the policies include legal advice line, pet bereavement counselling and help in finding a vet when you need one.

You can then modify your policy to include additional cover options. Options include: advertising a reward should your pet stray, receiving a lump sum should you lose your pet to cover the cost of a new pet, boarding costs and holiday cancellation cover. It is worth considering third-party liability to cover any loss, damage or injury to another person, or his or her property, by your dog. Your cover will be up to £2 million.

If you travel overseas to countries covered in the Pet Travel Scheme, then you can extend your pet insurance cover for emergency treatment abroad, quarantine costs and other treatments.

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