Dental Insurance for Seniors

It is important to keep healthy as we age, and taking care of our dental hygiene is no exception. The fees can quickly add up especially as more dental needs are required that come with age. Here are some of the various options and services for those looking at dental insurance for seniors.

Plan Ahead

There are different options for dental insurance for seniors. The NHS will subsidize or sometimes provide free treatment for patience. This also includes emergency treatment but does not cover any type of cosmetic surgery such as teeth whitening. Prices will usually range from check up and cleans at £18, fillings and root canal work coming out at around £49, and £214 for crowns, dentures, and bridges.

Most other dental insurances will also cover regular check ups and all dental work both accidents and emergencies). They may also set annual limits and most likely will only allow you to start claiming 1-3 month after the insurance is bought. This is a better option than the NHS if you anticipate you will need a lot of work done in the future

The Health cash plan have an option called the Simply Cash Plan 70 Plus which is only for those that are 70 or older with no upper age limit. This covers every day health costs and offers money back on dental visits. There are 3 levels to choose from.

  • Level 1: allows you to claim dental visits and optician's bills
  • Level 2-3: covers much more such as a fixed sum to help with incedental costs

Once you decide on the level, you will receive a percentage or full cost reimbursed on the agreed amount

Dental Insurance is another option that offers a low range of levels between £8-24 per month. This includes routine check-ups and exams, dental accidents and emergencies, remedial or restorative treatments, hygiene treatments, and other services as well.

Ask and Research

Dental Insurance for seniors in general though is going to be more difficult and more expensive as you get older. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the insurance companies won't cover any pre-existing conditions. There are options though, so ask around and see what other companies are offering plans that will work for you and your current situation.

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