The best commercial motor insurance offers

Commercial motor insurance is particularly important for companies involved in logistics, deliveries, haulage and courier services. It is exclusively designed for customers requiring specialist insurance for heavy goods vehicles, high mileage vehicles and other commercial purposes. This article will compare different commercial motor insurance quotes, providing an overview of some of the best rates, terms and conditions for businesses in the UK.

Churchill offers commercial motor cover worth up to £50,000 and a direct debit rate of 23.1 percent, while Direct Line insurers commercial vehicles of up to 3.5 tonnes, with full EU cover and a direct debit rate of 22.4 percent.

Swinton Van Insurance, on the other hand, provides motor cover up to an unlimited value with variable cover and direct debit rates, while Autonet Van Insurance also covers vans up to 3.5 tonnes with variable EU cover. Insurance Choice, meanwhile, provides multi van cover with full EU cover with a variable maximum value.

NFL Mutual Van Insurance offers a direct debit rate of 2.8 percent and motor cover up to £100,000 for weights of up to 32 tonnes. Collingwood also insures vans up to an unlimited value and offers full EU cover with variable types of insurance.

While there are dozens of comprehensive commercial motor insurance policies to choose from, it is important for businesses to choose cover that is right for them. For example, some customers may prefer to purchase a policy that offers a temporary replacement vehicle when their main vehicle is damaged. Fortunately, it is easier than ever before to compare an extensive range of motor insurance quotes online.

Tips for purhasing commercial motor insurance

Customers should always ensure that they estimate their annual mileage as accurately as possible to avoid paying higher premiums for their commercial motor insurance. Other factors, such as weight limits and multi-van discounts, should also be considered carefully. Finding the cheapest insurance package that provides adequate cover for commercial vehicles is essential for today's businesses.

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