How to claim money on travel insurance

Anything can happen whilst you are on travel such as falling ill, being involved in an accident, flight cancellations or unexpected events that prevent you from travelling. If you bought single or annual cover before leaving for that holiday and something happened, we tell you how to claim money on travel insurance. Take a look how you can be compensated.

Getting that claim

When you take out cover, here are a few tips to remember to make it easy to claim money on travel insurance:

  • Write down the number of your insurer

If something goes wrong, it is imperative that you inform the insurance company immediately of the situation. In this regard, keep the hotline number on hand so you can inform the insurer and get advice what to do.

  • Photograph and tag your belongings

Taking valuables on a trip is always a risk whether it’s a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings or an heirloom brooch you inherited. In case you get robbed or you accidentally lost them, make sure you can describe the items accurately or use photographs. It is also possible that you will lose your luggage and its contents. Whether it’s just delayed or completely lost, having a photograph and a detailed list of its contents will make it easier to fill out your claim from the insurance company. Also, ensure you luggage is well tagged with your name, address and contact numbers.

  • Keep documents safe

Leave a copy of your policy and other important documents at home or with a friend or family member. Thus, even if you get robbed or lost your purse, you will still have access to important documents and can continue to initiate the insurance claim.


To claim money on travel insurance, you must file a report with the local police. Reports must be filed within 24 hours when the incident occurred. This is one of the important documents that your insurer will want to have before processing your claim. Also, make sure to keep documents and receipts to support a travel insurance claim. For example, if you had to see a doctor whilst on travel and had to take medications, you must have proof that you were treated and bought medications from a pharmacy. Other possible required documents are certifications from your tour operator or airline that your flight or flights were cancelled. At any rate, you have to familiarise yourself with the procedures for filing claims as they can vary from one insurer to another. Whilst some insurance claims can be settled by a phone call, others might require a long list of documentation.

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