How to Make Sure You're not Part of this Year's Christmas Burglary Statistics

With only a handful of shopping days remaining until Christmas most people’s home are full of gifts wrapped and ready for loved ones to open on Christmas day. The gifts that friends and family are looking forward to are also items that burglars target during the festive season. Although Christmas burglary statistics show that burglary has fallen, if you are robbed your contents may not be covered by your home contents insurance.


According to Home Office statistics burglaries rates have fallen across all parts of the country. Increase security and better awareness makes burglaries three times less likely than they were in 1995. But burglary at Christmas time when houses are empty and lights are switched off is still commonplace, so what should you do to make sure you’re not part of the UK’s Christmas burglary statistics for this year?

Easy target

Don’t make the burglar’s Christmas by leaving your home an easy target. They are looking for signs that no one is at home in places with door security, so locking windows and side gates is far more important now than at any other time of year. Don’t leave garden tools or ladders around which they could use to gain entry, and keep blinds and curtains closed after dark so you don’t advertise the home’s appealing contents to the world.


Using timers to switch TVs and other electrical goods on automatically could make the burglar think that someone’s home. To a burglar a dark home is an empty home, so leave a light on when you go out.


If you do fall victim to a burglary you may find that your home contents insurance does not cover your gifts. Some insurers offer an automatic increase in cover for the Christmas season, but if your policy doesn't include that clause you may find that stolen presents won't be replaced.

Final word

Although Christmas burglary statistics suggest that things are better now than ever before, you should still be vigilant. That’s especially true if you are going away at Christmas. If you come home after Christmas to an empty house you will rely on your insurance policy, so make sure that your home contents insurance covers the presents you unwrapped on Christmas Day.

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