Let's find the cheapest health insurance in Ireland

If you've been scouring the market to find the cheapest health insurance in Ireland then you've probably already noticed how hard it is to compare the various packages on offer. The three main Irish insurance providers (Quinn Direct, VHI, and Aviva) vary their products just enough so that it's difficult to directly compare them.

If you want to directly compare the three lowest premiums on offer then you'll find figures of E28.33 for Quinn Healthcare, E47.33 from VHI Healthcare, and finally, E39.75 from Aviva. Comparing them directly in this manner is, however, slightly disingenuous, as all three policies offer differing levels of cover in their race to be Ireland's cheapest premium.

All three of the cheapest premiums offer just a semi-private room in an Irish hospital should you be sick. To get to the real meat of the policies, the ones where cover begins to rise, you need to go up in the scale. Quinn offer rooms in Private Hospitals with their Essential Plus Starter Policy, that costs E42.83 per month. The same level of cover from VHI is their First Plan Select and it costs E54.66. Aviva's Me Level 2 is their equivalent package and it costs E56.42.

As you can see, there isn't a world of difference in these policies. If you're considering cover then these three policies are the ones you should plump for. Which one you choose should be dependent on the services available in the Private Hospitals that each insurer has a deal with, and the level of cover you'll enjoy there.

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