Cheap travel insurance companies for UK tourists in Europe

The main purpose of comprehensive travel insurance is to protect people from paying excessive fees if they become seriously ill or are involved in a major accident abroad. For example, the cost of medical care for a leg injury could be several thousands of pounds for uninsured individuals, while suffering a heart attack may be considerably more. Thankfully, with cheap travel insurance these expenses can be avoided. In addition to medical coverage, a travel insurance package can insure people against thefts of valuables or delays to flights. Since it costs an average of just £25 a week, it is very popular with UK holidaymakers, particularly those travelling to countries where the cost of medical care is very high.

People are advised to search online for cheap travel insurance companies because this is usually where the best packages are advertised. For example, oinc.com offers 31 days of cover per trip at a price of just £26.29. This includes up to £5 million in medical expenses and £300 for baggage cover. This insurance package covers also includes cancellation cover worth £500.

Meanwhile, for people looking for cheap annual multi-trip insurance with more baggage and cancellation cover, TopDog Travel Insurance costs just £31.60 and offers medical cover worth £10 million, including baggage and cancellation coverage worth £1,000 and £750 respectively. For people who believe they may have to cancel a trip for whatever reason, Debenhams Essential Cover provides £3,000 in cancellation cover, which is one of the best deals currently available.

When applying for travel insurance, people should make sure they choose a company that provides a deal that is tailored to their needs. There are many different types of deals on offer and it is important that people only pay for the coverage that they require. However, people should also research the terms and conditions of their insurance package so that they understand exactly what they are purchasing.

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