How to get cheap car insurance in the UK

You probably cannot believe the great rate your neighbour got on cheap car insurance in the UK. How do people get those kinds of rates? Some people are lucky and find a great deal from the start. However, most people with cheap car insurance took the time to comparison shop, add safety features to their cars, have good driving records and have learned the art of asking their insurance agent for discounts. Learn how you can save today.

Finding cheap car insurance

Just about everyone has access to the Internet these days and that is where you will find cheap car insurance in the UK. Spending just an hour of your time online to get instant quotes does not cost you anything and may save you a bunch. Get several quotes online and make sure you compare the exact same coverage to receive accurate comparisons.


Were you aware that in most cases, you have to ask your insurance agent about discounts? Some insurers may tell you about good driver discounts on their websites, but in most cases, you must call and ask. For instance, are you over 50? Many insurers offer discounts at 50 or 55 years of age.

Safety / theft devices

Safety devices installed in your vehicle can really add to the savings on insurance and you benefit from these devices as well. Install automatic seat belts, airbags and anti-theft devices in your car.

Easy savings

One of the simplest ways to save on insurance is to make one yearly payment. When you pay every six months or monthly, most insurers charge higher premiums to cover extra processing costs.

Save additional money by purchasing cars that are cheaper to insure. Look for vehicles that have cheaper parts and lower repair rates.

Multi-car discounts

Newly-weds should consider converting all their auto insurance policies over to one insurer to get multi-car discounts. You may get great savings and have less paperwork to keep track of. Some folks also drive one vehicle during cold winter months and another in the summer. If you store them during the off-season, let your insurer know so you get cheap car insurance in the UK.

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