Save on multiple trips with cheap annual travel insurance

If you go on a winter ski trip and a summer beach holiday, a cheap annual travel insurance package could already save you money. Throw in a couple of European city breaks and it becomes apparent that covering your travel needs for the whole year could help you make substantial savings.

Year round cover

Check the latest deals on comparison websites for exact figures but with some providers a cheap annual travel insurance policy is more economical than separate cover for just two holidays. If you are in the habit of getting away regularly throughout the year, annual cover makes obvious sense.

Having an annual policy allows you to be spontaneous and snap up those last-minute bargain getaways and flights without having to worry about taking out another insurance policy.

Discounts are often available for couples and families with annual policies. Several providers now offer a "kids go free" deal with their travel cover.

A multi-trip policy usually allows you to customise your cover to provide insurance for extras like winter sports, golf clubs or diving equipment. It makes sense to make the policy fit your requirements very closely, discarding cover which is unnecessary.

Most policies cover separate trips lasting up to 31 days, but these can be extended to 46 days or even longer, for an additional premium.

Don't be tempted to overspend on cover you might not use. Do the sums to see whether it would be cheaper to cover that very occasional long-haul holiday separately rather than buy a relatively expensive annual global policy.

Right for you?

Before snapping up cheap annual travel insurance, ensure that it is a suitable policy for you. Annual cover is not the most appropraite cover for those embarking on a gap year backpacking for instance, where specific policies are available. Also, if you holiday mainly in the UK and Europe, an annual policy might not be necessary or economical.

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