Car insurance for women - the top providers

Because women are considered safer drivers than men their car insurance premiums are usually lower. Middle aged women drivers in particular are thought to be safest as they tend to drive slower and more carefully than men. The differences in premiums can be considerable. The following are among the top providers of car insurance for women.


Aviva are one of the largest car insurance providers in the UK. They also offer specialised car insurance policies for women. Key features include cover for personal belongings, child car seat replacement and driver's support session. They have an optional breakdown service that prioritises those who need it most. They have a discount of up to 20% when you buy online.


Churchill provides excellent car insurance policies for women at affordable prices. Features include 24 hour accident recovery, repairs guaranteed for 5 years and cover for personal belongings. There is also personal accident cover for the policyholder and spouse. They have new for old cover on cars less than 12 months.

Co-operative insurance

Co-operative insurance provide car insurance for women at competitive prices. They also offer a no claim discount that could rise up to 75% if you stay claim free. They provide handbag cover that covers all your personal effects in the car.

Adrian Flux

Adrian Flux provides cheap and comprehensive car insurance policies for women. They have a protected no claims bonus feature so that one accident will not blemish your driving record. They also offer a limited mileage feature so you do not need to extra for miles you do not drive. They have a breakdown cover option form just £45.

Car insurance is essential for all drivers. Premiums can vary considerably among insurers depending on a number of factors. Because of this it is often worthwhile shopping around before settling on a policy. Car insurance is usually cheaper for women. For more information on car insurance for women visit the excellent website ladyinsure.co.uk.

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