FAQs about cancellation and curtailment cover

What happens if you have already made your travel plans, paid for plane tickets, and you put down deposits only to find something goes wrong for a holiday? Perhaps you get ill, a family emergency, or the weather forces you to miss your flight. In most circumstances, you would be out of luck to get your money back. Read FAQs about cancellation and curtailment insurance to see how they could save the day financially.

Frequently asked questions about cancellation and curtailment insurance

Q: What does cancellation and curtailment mean in a travel insurance policy?

A: Cancellation in a travel policy means even though a trip was already planned, something happens, and you do not take the trip, and must cancel after paying out-of-pocket fees. Curtailment refers to a trip that is already paid for, but is never completed and is cut short. Cover insurance could include reimbursement of full payments or deposits you have already made.

Q: What are the benefits of purchasing this type of travel insurance?

A: Hotels, airlines, rental agencies, cruise lines and several other types of services require full payment upfront or at a minimum, a deposit. This insurance can help you get back deposits and payments already paid for these services or accommodations.

Q: What type of services would be covered in this type of policy?

A: Jury service or being called to active duty in the military. Many policies also include cover when a person is needed to provide essential services such as police work, ambulance, nursing or fire fighting services and is forced to cancel travel plans.

Q: What type of events may qualify for this insurance?

A: Illness, family emergencies and changes in the weather that could prevent travel during the scheduled holiday.

Q: Do all insurance companies provide the same cover in their policies?

A: No, there are no standards as to what events, weather conditions or emergencies qualify for insurance cover. Ask questions and read the policy carefully before signing a contract.

Q: What types of services may be covered for reimbursement?

A: Plane tickets, hotel charges, cruise tickets and rental cars, or any number of services where you have already paid money.

Play it safe with travel insurance

Spending a bit extra for holiday travel by purchasing cancellation and curtailment insurance could help recover your hard-earned money. We never think when planning a holiday that a tornado or a tropical storm could crop up and ruin the entire holiday. Play it safe when planning your next holiday and get cover insurance for upfront payments and deposits.

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