Business health insurance requirements

If you are an enterprise that wants to make sure that your employees have adequate cover, here are business health insurance requirements that insurance companies typically ask for. It does not matter that your business is on a small, medium or large scale. Providing ample health insurance for workers ensures that their backs are covered if they get sick or suffer an injury at the workplace.


There are many insurance companies where you can apply for a business health insurance. Butt here are definite business health insurance requirements that you should be aware of as a company owner or employer. When applying for a health insurance cover for your employees, most insurance companies will require the following information:

  • The name, address and postal code of your business

The registered business name as well as the physical location, postal code and contact numbers of your company should be provided to the insurer.

  • Nature of the business you are running

Insurance companies will take a look at the type of business you are running and assess the risks your activities could bring to your employees.

  • List of employees you are providing health insurance

It should also include the age and gender of those who require insurance cover. There are insurance companies that even provide protection to family members of employees and the employer.

What influences insurance cover

If you are looking at cover, the insurance company will decide whether it will insure the employee or not. It also depends on the information supplied by the employee to the insurance company. For example, pre-existing conditions may not be covered. The insurance company will usually base their decision on the 4 years medical history of the employee. Accidents and emergencies are not going to be paid, but follow up treatment recommended by a GP or consultant is usually authorised.

Types of insurance

As an employer, you can decide if you need 'full medical underwriting' or 'medical history disregarded.' It all depends on the type of insurance chosen, budget, number or size of employees and the circumstances. The business health insurance requirements are not that difficult to produce to insurance companies so employees are adequately protected.

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