How body part insurance works

It might seem ridiculous to hear about body part insurance, but it exists. People whose occupations are predominantly based on the use of a body part can get compensation if they are prevented from doing their work due to loss or incapacitation of limbs. We explain why this type of insurance is possible for certain groups of people.

What can be insured

If you are wondering what parts of the human body are eligible for insurance, then the answer is practically everything. The most important thing is that you can prove to the insurance company without a doubt that loss or immobility of a part can cost your living or affect your earning capacity. For example, if you are a singer, you can have your voice or your vocal chords insured. A gifted pianist will also probably have the fingers and wrist insured in the event of an injury or disability. Models were even known to take a policy to insure their smiles as well as their faces. Celebrities may insure any prominent body part that they are famous for such as Mariah Carey's legs or Jennifer Lopez' derriere. From the ridiculous to the sanest of reasons, anything goes with body part insurance.

  • How much does it cost?

The bad news of course is body part insurance is really expensive. Although anyone can take out this type of insurance, it is mostly celebrities, surgeons, sportsmen and high profile personalities who do this and are able to afford it. This type of insurance also depends on the usual factors such as age, health and medical history. In addition, the cost of premiums depends on the amount the body part is going to be insured. For example, Mariah Carey apparently insured her legs for $1 billion. Bette Davis' waistline was insured for $28,000 while Michael Flatley's legs for $39 million. Lloyd's of London is an insurance provider catering to the needs of celebrities and famous personalities.

Anything goes

The bottom line is, you can practically insure any body part. The major requirement is you must be able to prove that disfigurement or loss to a limb are the main reasons why you will not be able to find work or have reduced workloads leading to a significant loss of income. Moreover, if you can afford the high premiums, then body part insurance is worth looking into in the event your livelihood is affected.

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