Let's look at some quality Pet Insurance

There are few things more important to pet owners than making sure their beloved pet is safe from harm. What if your dog was to get sick, would you be able to afford the vet's bills?

For this reason, we strongly suggest you take a look at pet insurance, with the UK being home to a number of specialist pet insurance companies. After all, it's extremely likely that over the course of your animal's life that they will become sick and need to visit the vet.

One company offering specialist animal cover in the UK is Pet Plan, and you can visit their site at http://www.petplan.co.uk. Pet Plan have been insuring animals in the UK for over 30 years, and their policies are underwritten by Allianz, so you know you're dealing with a quality insurer.

In 2010, Pet Plan settled over 40% of claims with the vet, meaning the policy holder only had to pay the excess and nothing more. They also give you the option of paying the vet directly yourself in the event of an accident, so it won't affect your premium.

They also offer genuine lifetime cover, with a number of policies designed for specific species of pet, and your pocket. Pet Plan are also extremely active among Animal Charities, setting up the Pet Plan Charitable Trust in 1994, which so far has raised over £5 million towards the welfare of animals around the world.

So check out their website today and see if they can do anything for your pet!

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