Three least-known best motorhome insurance facts

A motorhome is expensive. Like most things of value, you need adequate insurance cover to protect it from theft, fire and other risks. Most people know you can get liability indemnity insurance to protect yourself against liability claims, such as motorhome accident claims. That said, there are some least-known facts about best motorhome insurance you should also know about.

1. UK law and motorhomes

There is no such thing as a motorhome in terms of the law in UK. A motorhome is referred to as a motor caravan. The law demands that you have insurance cover to drive your motor caravan around in UK. If your motorhome weighs more than 7.5 tonnes, you will be required to have a special class C licence or an HGV licence to drive it around. It is illegal to use or even sell a vehicle that is over 12 metres in length and 2.55 metres wide in the UK.

2. History of motorhomes

The history of motorhomes is not very clear nor is it well documented. However, it is generally thought that the French wagons designed in the early 19th century to live in were the earliest versions of the present day motorhomes. A notable difference with the present motorhomes is that the 19th cenury French “motorhomes” did not have a motor.

The first motorhome that came complete with a motor originated in Australia. It was built in 1929 and over time become a favourite with many people from around the world. Since 1929, motorhomes have come a long way. They now come complete with many advanced fittings, including solar panels.

The average cost of a motorhome these days is anywhere from £30,000 to 40,000. This does not include best motorhome insurance, which can also be quite expensive.

3. Motorhome service

Many people know servicing a motorhome can be quite expensive. But, did you know changing a motorhome tyre is also quite complex? You need the right jack and specific knowledge to change a motorhome tyre. The jack must be placed in the right place to avoid damaging the chassis. Unless you know what you are doing, never attempt to change your own motorhome tyre or worse still offer to help someone else change their tyre.

The motorhome carries many valuables and is expensive. Should something go wrong when changing a tyre, not even the best motorhome insurance cover will protect you from feeling the pinch of something gone amiss on a treasured motor caravan.

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