How to find the best insurance for drivers under 25

We all know how young drivers can have a tough time finding a good insurance cover that will not cost the earth. If you are looking for the best insurance for drivers under 25, we propose some tips that will make it easy to bag a good cover without paying a fortune.

Things to keep in mind

Whilst looking for the best insurance for drivers under 25, consider the following tips:

  • Shop around for quotes

It has never been said enough. Do your homework and get different or lots of quotations from insurance providers. Even if it will take you a bit of time to settle on an insurer, you will probably save a bundle if you track down all the offers of companies that are willing to insure you for a fair price. Use comparison sites or go directly to the website of the insurance company for a quote.

  • Find the top 3 insurers and negotiate

Once you have locked down on the cheapest premiums, it is time to put your negotiation skills to use. Haggle to get the price down. Remember you might even find a real bargain once you start negotiating. After all, companies are also bidding each other out for your business so why not use this to your advantage?

  • Get a group discount

If your family is insuring more than one car including yours, you can probably get a good discount. You can also arrange something with friends who are like you shopping for a good insurance cover.

  • Drive well

Insurance companies reward good drivers. If you are willing to have a black box fitted in your car, you can also shave off pounds on your premiums by as much as 25%.

Other tips

To find the best insurance for drivers under 25, you can also try to look at different insurance schemes. For example, if you are not driving that often, you might look at a ‘Limited Mileage Policy.’ It is also possible to include an additional driver in your policy who will spread the risks posed by young drivers. You can name another adult or even a young driver provided he/she is low risk. Moreover, consider transferring your no claims bonus from another policy to the current one. With a lot of creativity, you can cut a lot of corners and still get the best policy even if you are a young driver.

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