The Best Insurance for iPhone Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Most forms of insurance take into considerations the insured sex and age and other risk factors like your earnings and type of job, but mobile phone insurance doesn’t look at these factors. In most cases it doesn’t even take into consideration whether you have made claims before, which is a huge relief for those who often lose their phones. If you have an iPhone you will probably be careful with it, but for peace of mind who are the best insurance providers for iPhone?

What’s covered

If you lose or break your phone and need a replacement you will normally be covered by most insurers. Cover can also be provided for the cost of calls made if your handset is stolen.

iPhone 5

The cost of insurance increases if you have the most recent iPhone, but as the most recent iPhone can cost anywhere between £600 and £1,000 to replace, a yearly insurance cost of around £70 could save you money in the long run. One of the cheapest and best insurance for iPhone 5 is provided by Insurance2Go. Their cover provides up to £700 for a replacement phone. Accidental damage, theft and unauthorised calls are also covered.

iPhone 3 or 4

The cover provided by Insurance2Go can be used to protect an iPhone 3 or 4, but it is not the cheapest cover for these phones. If you have an earlier iPhone, Insure and Go offer the best price. There are three tiers of cover on offer. Silver cover cost £40 per year and protects against theft and accidental damage. The Gold premium is £8 more and also covers the phone in the event that it breaks. The Platinum cover costs £62. In addition to the cover provided by the other policies, this one also covers you if the phone is lost.


The best insurance for iPhone can be as little as £5 a month, but cheap cover could leave you without the protection you need. Some policies just cover theft and don’t cover accidental damage. Others will cover you if the handset is lost, but will only do so whilst you’re in the UK. As with any insurance, read the small print before you accept the policy.

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