Best Insurance for Babies

Whether you are currently pregnant or have just recently had a baby, it is important that you have the best insurance for babies that is out there. The last thing you want is them falling ill and having to wait in order to get the attention and care that they need. Here are a few companies to look into as well as a little food for thought.


Find the best insurance for babies can be rather difficult. You will need to go to the companies website and fill out an online form to get an accurate quote off of them for the policy that you want.

If you already have health insurance, check with your current policy and see if it is possible to add a dependent on to the plan. Often this is possible within the first 60 days of their birth. But this is not the case of all companies.

Innovation Health have a policy where newborns are covered for the first 31 days and then can be added during the first 60 days after they are born. The maternity and newborn care are part of "essential health benefits" under the Affordable Care Act.

AXA-PPP claim that if you go through them you will receive quick diagnosis and treatment rather than having to wait for speacialist treatment on the NHS. It is an additional monthly charge of £12.99 per child up to the age of 18. They offer a 10% discount for additional children that are put on the plan. Included in this policy is 24 hour health information service, accessible Health at Hand that includes nurses, midwives, counsellors and pharmacists that you can talk to from the comfort of your phone.

Bupa uk is another private health insurance that has options for children and infants. This is also perfect for any expats living in the UK as there is Bupa International available as well.

Fine Lines

There are many differet choices for the best insurance for babies, but it will take time and research to find the perfect one for you. By purchasing the ideal policy for you, this will help your infant keep their immunizations up to date and is a great way to make sure they are off to a good start. Make sure to read the fine lines and see what your policy covers, such as nursery stays when they are first born, their first pediatrician appointment and vaccinations.

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