Get the lowest rates at the best insurance compare site

With insurance companies in fierce competition for your business, it makes no sense to let your premiums increase every year through sheer inertia. By searching for the best deals on an insurance compare site you can save large sums on your home insurance premiums, car insurance or travel insurance packages.

Compare and save

For the best deals, an insurance compare site will offer an at-a-glance comparison of what is included in the insurance premium, while also highlighting the differences between policies so you can pick the most appropriate product for your needs.

Moneysavingexpert.com benefits from the experience of its founder and editor Martin Lewis. A regular on TV and radio consumer programmes, Lewis is adept at cutting through marketing tactics and tempting offers and telling you exactly how good a deal the insurance companies are offering, while identifying potential drawbacks or pitfalls.

Gocompare.com is synonymous with irritating TV advertising, but it is something of a specialist when it comes to insurance comparisons. Its quick and easy-to-read site compares all the major insurance brands, and quite a few lesser-known companies as well, to find the best deals. You can customise your comparison search to focus on the details relevant to your policy.

Comparethemarket.com might appear to have shifted most of their attention to selling cute meerkat toys but their comparison site remains a user-friendly way of checking the best deals on insurance.

As they say on the BBC, other sites are available. Choosing the right one for your needs will be a matter of personal taste, at least until somebody comes up with comparethecomparisonsites.com. Now there's an idea . . .

Like for like comparisons

Looking for the best quote on an insurance compare site requires a litttle more than just opting for the headline deals. Your property, car or travel trip might require some specialist level of cover, so check exactly what the policy offers. Look out for details like excess charges, exceptions and payout limits.

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