Finding the Best Home Insurance Quotes in the UK for 2013

Home and contents insurance is important to help you protect your valuables and, in the case of faults within your home, protect you financially against any mishaps. However, finding the best home insurance quotes in the UK for 2013 will also depend on a few other factors - such as the condition of your home, the value of your contents, your home's security and, more importantly, your location.

What kind of factors affect home insurance?

When you apply for home insurance, insurers consider a number of factors, including:

  • Your age and family status;
  • The amount of people living in your home;
  • The status on your home (homeowner, renting or landlord);
  • Your household valuables and the cost of everything you need insured in your home;
  • The overall value of your home and its condition, age or addition of extensions and recent building work;
  • The area you live in and the risk assessment that follows. For example, some areas of the UK have a higher crime rate, whereas individual streets (such as cul-de-sacs or terrace houses) carry different types of risks for insurers.

When you're looking for the best home insurance quotes in the UK for 2013, the quote you see offered as an estimate by a provider might not be the actual quote you receive. So, rather than looking for the cheapest providers who won't fully cover you and may waste your time by eventually churning out a hefty sum than what you originally planned, try looking at recommended providers.

Recommended Insurance Providers

Which? Best Buy published a list of the most recommended insurance providers, voted for by Which? members who have used the service, policy and customer feedback scores through various online reviews and availability of insurance to the general public. From its list, Which? suggested the following insurance providers as providing the best quotes and value for money:

  • Hiscox;
  • Marks and Spencers Home Insurance;
  • NFU Mutual;
  • John Lewis Insurance;
  • LV=;
  • RIAS;
  • Insurance4Retirement (Over 50s);
  • The Co-Operative Insurance;
  • DirectLine;
  • Royal Bank of Scotland;
  • Natwest.

To further increase you chances of finding the best home insurance quotes in the UK for 2013, try using a provider you have a history with, or are currently a customer with and use another one of their products to receive member discounts.

Additional Charges

Even if you think you've found the best home insurance quotes in the UK for 2013, you'll benefit from checking out your potential provider's reviews and taking a close look at policies. Some providers may incur hidden charges - such as costs to make changes to the policy in the future, or clauses that may make your insurance invalid in your have a change of circumstance.

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