Best health insurance plans for 2014

If you're thinking of looking outside of the NHS for your health care needs, you'll want to get the best possible plan. Although the quality of health care is more important than the price, you will still want to know where to find the best health insurance plans for 2014.

Comparison sites

You're probably already using comparison sites to shop for credit card deals and for the best prices for your car insurance, but this is also the place to visit to find the best health insurance deals for 2014. Sites like comparethemarket.com and confused.com will give you a rundown of the current offers in the marketplace, but you should also check out specialist comparison sites.

Specialist comparison sites

These sites, like healthinsurancecompare.co.uk and bestmedicalcover.co.uk are tailored to this type of insurance cover. You can get free health insurance advice on healthinsurancecompare.co.uk through their 0845 telephone number which could make the difference when you've got questions about private medical healthcare.

Personal circumstance

In truth, the best deals depending on your personal circumstances as different providers offer the lowest value deal depending on your situation. Always make sure you disclose everything when you complete the initial questionnaire. Insurance providers will normally call you to talk through your quote because this is such a specialised form of insurance that depends greatly on your medical condition. Take this as an opportunity to discuss your requirements rather than a check through the data you've provided. You may find that the insurer offers protection you didn't know was available.

Final word

The market is full of health insurance providers like Aviva (formerly Norwich Union), Pru Health and Simply Health so there's plenty of choice. Finding the best health insurance deals for 2014 isn't difficult, the hard part is making sure the health insurance provider you choose gives you a great service worthy of the money you're paying them and that can only really come through personal recommendations.

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